Please Stop Sharing That Guy Walking Shepherds Off Leash

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Walking German Shepherds

Recommended Reading. He uses prong collars on puppies, hits dogs trapped in crates to promote aggression, and withholds water to get the ?desired behavior. Griffin Shepherd Kennels has been since May 28 due to a outbreak. The state also found that 8 of his dogs weren?t vaccinated for rabies which is required by state law. I now know what css, php, seo, roi, and BOL mean to name a few. Share this article or any of the ones below; don?t let this guy fool anyone else. You?re super awesome in my book ? guaranteed. I want to give a big thank you to for being such an amazing community for every single one of us pet bloggers.Please Stop Sharing That Guy Walking Shepherds Off Leash Last updated on December 27, 2018 By Puppy Leaks After a few years you?d think certain viral videos would die down; but this one hasn?t ? at least not on my facebook feed. Unfortunately there?s a lot of irresponsible breeders out there, and just like Augusto they?re getting away with charging thousands of dollars for their puppies. His kennel was ran for years without a business license, no liability insurance, and in violation of cease and desist orders from the town of Barnstable, MA. Over the past few years since that video went viral he?s been accused of animal abuse and is facing multiple counts for selling sick puppies. One Video Doesn?t Tell The Whole Story But the problem is people only see that video ? the one that seems impressive. I?m not here to make you watch animal abuse, I?m here to show that things aren?t always what they seem. Well except my dad but you know that?s just part of being a good, supportive parent. After laughing out loud to myself I bought the domain just knowing how cute, clever, and funny it was. I?m not sure what my brain had to lose in order to make room for all that but I do know it?s been a lot of fun. To celebrate one year of blogging let?s just take a look back at some popular posts: (think of this like when you sit down to watch a rerun of your favorite show just to find out it?s a clip show?but better) My Favorites These were some of my favorite posts to write: (tale of Laika?s 1st day home) Your Favorites Based on social shares: (6531) (1754) (1327) (1278) (578) Based on comments: (38) (36) (36) (35) (31) Blog Paws Best New Pet Blog Award I?m still in shock from being nominated alongside such awesome blogs; it?s such an honor. Huh? Thank You for the Awesome Year I?ve learned so much in the past year and it?s been nothing short of amazing.? Many of his methods are beyond harsh; they?re abusive. And because she makes faces like this: What? Yipeeee.?It?s made a world of difference and I even started to enjoy the writing process. So yeah the original point missed the mark completely; I guess the name wasn?t so clever after all. He?s been deleting comments and reporting people who question his methods; on many of his videos the comments are disabled altogether. I was syndicating heavy duty metal dog cage kennel crate 12655 news stories when this started. And of course thank you to Laika for being the one that keeps me on my toes and inspires (almost) every post. As of May 2015 there?s filed against Griffin Kennel Shepherds filed with the Massachusetts Attorney General by owners claiming he sold them sick puppies. To be honest I don?t know what one is supposed to do on a blogiversary. No one should be buying dogs from this guy or hiring him to train their dog. I cringe because I?m reminded of the other videos he?s posted that show how he trains his dogs ?? through abuse and intimidation. They aren?t seeing the others that show his abusive training methods. No visits, no shares, no comments ? no readers period. There?s Nothing Impressive About His Handling of Dogs Unfortunately there?s a lot more to the story than just a guy who has some well trained dogs. They?re not hard at all to find for those that can stomach it. I wasn?t able to attend the Blog Paws conference this year, but I was watching all the fun and excitement with Laika from home. It seems like just yesterday I?d write a post and beg my friends and family on facebook to ?like? it.? Yeah?.?He has failed to deliver proper documentation even after multiple requests ? ? proof of vaccination, AKC papers, and veterinary records. But time really flies when you?re having fun ? it?s our one year blogiversary already.? You remember this guy now right? Photo taken from the Griffin Shepherd Kennels FB page. Resources/Further Reading Recommended Articles: Recommended Reading Holy Cow ? It?s Our One Year Blogiversary Last updated on June 11, 2015 By Puppy Leaks I seriously have no idea how this happened; I swear I just started this blog last month. (and even I have trouble believing he read the compelling ?Dog With Head Stuck in Jar Rescued?) I mean I know it?s hard to imagine but I didn?t get any comments or shares on such classics such as ?Dog Finds Human Skull in Backyard,? ?Texas Dog Gives Birth to 17 Puppies,? and ?Dog Pukes up Missing Wedding Ring. The only thing I was receiving were pitches from every puppy pad manufacturer on Earth ? no doubt in relation to the word ?leaks? in our title.that?s exactly what I was writing when I started. After watching the video where he walks his dog ?like a boss? they go to his breeding page (where he sells training services & puppies for about $3000), and try to figure out how he does it. Any ?trainer? that abuses dogs needs to be called out; not revered. The animal abuse is made apparently clear in videos like this ( Warning: the video is extremely disturbing and not appropriate for those who don?t want to see animal violence ) in which he allows one of his dogs to attack a puppy that walked out the door before the older dog (in his mind that?s a sign of disrespect and thus justified). Blog Paws also had each winner choose a rescue to receive a $500 donation; I chose Detroit based . While I would personally never walk my dog(s) off leash in the middle of a city it?s hard to not be amazed by how well they seem to listen to him. I don?t want to share those videos here. His Dog Training Methods Are Abusive He has no formal certification in dog training. He has over 13,000 subscribers on YouTube where he shares many ?tips on how to train your dogs. He Sells Sick Puppies He?s facing multiple documented complaints due to selling puppies from parents who were not screened for hip or elbow dysplasia, nor checked for Degenerative Myelopathy ( checked), despite his assurances that the parents were ?fully tested. The man in the video, Augusto DeOliviera, runs Griffin Shepherd Kennels and he?s no stranger to controversy. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments, shares, emails; and thank you for reading. He sold one puppy which died of When his breeding stock was called into question he admitted that the puppy had been born to a rescue dog and had gotten ?accidentally? mixed in with the very high priced pedigreed puppies. After a month I got so excited when one of my articles got googled; it was about a dog named Pig. Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers for the support, inspiration, technical help, and your great writing that keeps me striving to improve. I thought things would start to pick up after that but after a few months it was just?nothing. When someone shares that video of the guy walking his 5 German Shepherds off leash I cringe. 305 Posts Later ? Oh What a Learning Experience It?s Been You know how this blog started? I thought it was such funny idea to have a dog news site named Puppy Leaks.? He has sold puppies without vaccinations and puppies which were deemed ?unfit for sale? by veterinarians. Next Time You See That Video Posted So please ? next time someone shares that video of him walking his dogs ?like a boss? off leash remind them that things are not always what they seem. If you search for it you?ll see hundreds of pages like ?Man Walks Pack of German Shepherds Without Leashes? and ?What This Man Does With His Dogs is Unbelievable. How cool is that? On top of the awesome award, recognition, and support you get to donate to your favorite rescue. So I decided to switch gears, broaden my horizons, and write about stuff I?m actually interested in and want to research.? The video does seem impressive. With over 12 million views I?m pretty sure all of us have seen that video of the guy walking Shepherds off leash in the city. I?m sorry if I?m a bad host; I don?t have any prizes or candy for you and I don?t have quizzes or polls for you to take. Thank you to every single one of you that has read this blog, left a comment, sent an email, or shared a post. Oh wait, I still do that. I don?t even know how to put into words how much that means to me. There are other videos in which he hits his dogs, prods them with broomsticks, swings a dog around by her hind legs to break up a fight, feeds them roadkill, and makes them ?work things out? through fighting. He?s been trying to clean up his image by deleting such videos but the damage is done; they?re not something I?ll forget. Sure he walks his dogs ?like a boss,? but that?s far from impressive when you?re resorting to abuse

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